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How we create websites?

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Websites created by Eppearance are high-end products. We design them on the basis of the most cutting-edge solutions and network standards. At the same time our designers make sure they are accessible, transparent and functional to the level that our competitors may only dream about. Unless, of course, they get in touch with us. We are great at making our clients' dreams come true.

Marble floors and leather armchairs that supposedly make Your office look "classy" do not necessarily contribute to building a positive company image. The reason is that most of Your clients and contractors will never ever come to Your office anyway. However, they will definitely check on Your website or Facebook profile. These two places ceased to be "virtual" long ago - they are valid company branches. Which means that...

What You need is an expertly designed website!

What You need is Eppearance.

Website development by Eppearance?

Rule 1: Say "no" to templates. Templates are evil, pure and simple. What we mean here is both "mental clichés" and ready made layouts that puny web designers resort to in their work. Firstly, clichéd thinking is a death sentence for any IT business. Secondly, using website templates is a slap in the face of our clients. Be sure that Your new website developed by Eppearance will be a product of nothing else but the creativity and passion of our team.

Rule 2: Individual approach. Before we get down to working on Your project, we will talk. The talk will be long and detailed enough for us to fully grasp Your ideas and needs. All in all, it is You who should be happy with the new website

Though, we will make it an object of envy for everybody else.

Feel free to remain blissfully ignorant about what PHP or Zend is; or how jQuery differs from JavaScript. Our team knows it inside out and will use their expertise to make Your website absolutely unique. All You have to do is trust our company.

Eppearance never fails to deliver.

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