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Be a step ahead

A company can be so much more than a business whose products are bought. It can inspire, set new trends and become Your partner in ambitious projects. The best platform to achieve these goals is a properly maintained Facebook account.

Be where Your clients are!

… and more and more of them chose Facebook as the basic methods of keeping in touch with their friends. This is where they share their impressions of using new products. This is where they post comments on companies' latest offers and discuss their needs.

Sign of the times: Facebook friends have a larger impact on consumers' purchasing decisions than all the marketing departments working together.
So, why not become Your clients' "friend"?

4 benefits of having a company Facebook account:

Eppearance will launch, optimize and provide comprehensive support to Your company Facebook account. We will transform it into a dynamic platform of communication between Your company and its clients. All of a sudden, You retail/service business will become someone to talk to or a source of useful information – almost a “buddy” whose profile will be regularly checked on by the clients.

And people forgive a “buddy” little transgressions when they would give hell to some “corporation”.

Going even further: Fanpage

There are companies whose products or services are so unbelievably top-notch that they gather believers rather than customers. Some of these people launch websites which are really “places of worship”. This is where they praise to the skies new products, scrupulously analyse their features and advocate their absolute superiority over competitive products. Fanpages are a living proof that Your company is one of the kind and the best there is, hands down.

Well, what if it isn't?

You can always help the “cult” grow a little bit. First You generate “believers” and then stimulate their activity.

Wouldn't that be great to be a „cult brand”?

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