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For the well-known Szczecin pubs - Columbus and Porto Grande, as well as the Take Away catering company (all of which are based by Wały Chrobrego Promenade), we created a corporate website plus dedicated websites for each of the establishments. More at www.columbuspub.pl
What we wanted was an interactive agency that shared our passion for top quality and maximum customer satisfaction. We found it in Szczecin, which was very fortunate as we believe in supporting local businesses. From the onset of our cooperation the Eppearance Interactive Agency has been very receptive to our needs and has efficiently carried out all the task we have entrusted it with. The deal was the development of a group of websites focused on the restaurants and catering businesses we run and integrating them on one, main site: www.walychrobrego.com The result surpassed our expectations. The websites of the Szczecin-based restaurants Columbus and Porto Grande, and of the TakeAway company, ideally reflect the atmosphere the of these places. Also, our clients speak very highly of them. Of course, we are very happy to hear that - the more so that it contributes to meeting our main objective - providing top quality services to our clients. more Tomasz Weczer, Columbus Pub