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Playgrounds, components for city space development, training equipment - all this is available in nearly 20 language versions on the website owned by Lars Laj - an international company established in Denmark. The current version is the third one we have developed. We have been cooperating on a regular basis with respect to website development and e-marketing since 2006. More at www.larslaj.com
Fantastic customer support, creativity and massive experience of their team - that's what we have been receiving since we began working with the Eppearance Interactive Agency. Winning new clients over the Internet is the beating heart of the corporation I manage. Luckily for me, Eppearance is a global player - just as Lars Laj. The number of conversions (requests for quotations) which grew by a few hundred percent in Denmark, Germany and the UK is the best proof of how effective the Agency is. more Mikkel Thye, General Manager Lars Laj ApS.