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Gryf Developer

Nasza współpraca z firmą Eppearance rozpoczęła się od projektu utworzenia nowej strony internetowej. Profesjonalizm oraz zaangażowanie wykazywane przez pracowników Eppearance, zaowocowały powstaniem strony w pełni spełniającej oczekiwania naszej firmy. Doskonały kontakt, sprawność działania i rzetelność usług świadczonych przez Eppearance zasługują również na rekomendację. W przyszłości będziemy z całą pewnością korzystać z jej usług. Marta Bartoszewicz, Konsultant ds. Marketingu Gryf Developer Sp. z o.o.

Selfa GE S.A.

Our cooperation with Eppearance began in 2010 as we decided to develop a new website of SELFA GE S.A. We had been looking for a contractor with the right type of know-how that would we be willing to attempt to create something as innovative and ambitious as our project was. Another important requirement we set was being open to our suggestions and ideas that we would come up with in the course of work. After some time we understood that choosing Eppearance was a very good decision. The product of our cooperation is a website we are absolutely happy with, which meets all the objectives we had in mind. Paweł Różycki, SELFA GE S.A.

Ecer Kuchnie

My company sells ideas. We fulfil the very special requirements of our clients. For a long time we refused to start selling on-line. We thought this medium was too superficial and feared that our business credo would get watered down. After of couple of months we got in touch with the specialists from EPPEARANCE... I can only say that whenever I plan my next business step, I take into account the professional approach and support I receive from that company. The result is that I am currently launching a business that could not even start without an effective and defect-free website. Well, it was a truly inspiring partner... I do recommend it to discriminating businessmen Rafał Bštkowski M.Sc.Eng. Architect, ECER P.W.

Szczecińska Liga Szóstek

Eppearance understands our ideas really well plus they gave us a dedicated games management support system, which reduced our workload a good deal. We owe this all to their staff. They have been looking after our website for more than two years. Since the moment our cooperation began we boast the best website for this sort of games in Poland. If you wish to find out how functional it is, just ask any of the couple of thousand league players. Robert Jurszo, Indoors Amateur Football Leagues

Lars Laj APS

Fantastic customer support, creativity and massive experience of their team - that's what we have been receiving since we began working with the Eppearance Interactive Agency. Winning new clients over the Internet is the beating heart of the corporation I manage. Luckily for me, Eppearance is a global player - just as Lars Laj. The number of conversions (requests for quotations) which grew by a few hundred percent in Denmark, Germany and the UK is the best proof of how effective the Agency is. Mikkel Thye, General Manager Lars Laj ApS.

Columbus Pub

What we wanted was an interactive agency that shared our passion for top quality and maximum customer satisfaction. We found it in Szczecin, which was very fortunate as we believe in supporting local businesses. From the onset of our cooperation the Eppearance Interactive Agency has been very receptive to our needs and has efficiently carried out all the task we have entrusted it with. The deal was the development of a group of websites focused on the restaurants and catering businesses we run and integrating them on one, main site: www.walychrobrego.com The result surpassed our expectations. The websites of the Szczecin-based restaurants Columbus and Porto Grande, and of the TakeAway company, ideally reflect the atmosphere the of these places. Also, our clients speak very highly of them. Of course, we are very happy to hear that - the more so that it contributes to meeting our main objective - providing top quality services to our clients. Tomasz Weczer, Columbus Pub

LemaMed Rehabilitacja

It hasn't been long - less than a year - since I became a client of the Eppearance agency. To be honest, I had had some rather unpleasant experiences with other agencies. I was looking for a professional and practical company that would clean up the mess that my website used to be. And I found it! Eppearance provides top-notch support to my website - not only through its design but also thanks to positioning services. Leszek Werakso, LemaMed

Kancelaria Adwokacka Wierzbiński (law firm)

The Eppearance Interactive Agency completed our website in December 2008 and has been its administrator since then. Throughout our cooperation their team has shown nothing put professionalism as regards managing our website. All our ideas are promptly and efficiently implemented; the Eppearnace staff is very receptive to our suggestions and instructions. From our perspective our cooperation with Eppearance is an excellent solution, because one of our priorities is strong presence of our firm on the Internet. Zbigniew Wierzbiński, Attorney